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Center for Innovation in Pediatric Practice

Center Mission

The mission of the Center for Innovation in Pediatric Practice is to improve the health of children and their families through research on novel methods for delivering health services in the community. These methods include new computer and information technologies as well as new statistical and communication techniques. 

Despite tremendous growth in treatment and prevention research for children and adolescents, new interventions are rarely implemented in routine pediatric practice settings. This is especially true for children and adolescents affected by chronic medical and behavioral disorders where a lack of coordinated, timely and efficient care prevents optimal development for children and families. 

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Innovation Goals

Investigators at the Center develop and test new health service delivery systems in partnership with pediatricians and Nationwide Children's Hospital to succeed in the following goals.

  • Partner with the Hospital and other pediatric organizations to identify opportunities to improve care for children and families at risk.

  • Develop new or modify existing information or communication technologies for implementation in pediatric healthcare settings.

  • Test the cost-effectiveness of such technologies in improving care.

Center Research Focuses on Improving Care

  • For children and adolescents with depression or suicidal ideation

  • For children and adolescents with clotting disorders

  • For children and adolescents with drug use

  • For children and adolescents without routine preventive care services

Patient-Centered Pediatric Research Program (PC-PReP)

The Patient-Centered Pediatric Research Program (PC-PReP) prepares postdoctoral fellows to engage in independent outcomes research in child health settings and become leaders in the conduct of patient- and family-centered outcomes research. For more information on the program, please visit the PC-PReP website.

CIPP Contact

Nationwide Children's Hospital
700 Children's Drive Columbus, Ohio 43205 614.722.2000