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Patient Satisfaction Goals


The people of Nationwide Children’s Hospital would like you and your family to have the best possible experience while in our care. Our goal is, and always will be, to exceed your expectations.

We value patient satisfaction responses.  An indication of this is our mission statement.  The S in CARES stands for “providing outstanding Service to accommodate the needs of patients and families.”  At Nationwide Children's we continually provide education to our caregivers on such topics as diversity, inclusion, communication practices with families, as well as communication with each other to improve our patient satisfaction efforts.

A patient satisfaction survey is mailed to families after you visit us in order to analyze our customer service performance.  Completing these surveys provides the hospital with important feedback.  Based upon what you tell us, we will improve our services and increase our efforts to be sure we offer the best care for all patients and their families.  On the following pages we share with you our quarterly customer service results that represent our performance over the previous twelve months.

Nationwide Children's uses a variety of measurement tools to determine patient satisfaction. Third party vendors mail surveys, collect your responses, and report the results back to us.

We measure patient satisfaction in three areas: outpatient surgery, emergency department, and inpatient care.

The hospital sends out patient surveys in the following areas:

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Ambulatory Surgery Patient
Satisfaction Survey Results


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Inpatient Pediatric Patient
Satisfaction Survey Results



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Emergency Department Patient
Satisfaction Survey Results

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