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Sports Medicine

Children and teens to age 18 require expert care, especially when they’re serious athletes. These kids are still growing. And their health care needs are unique.

To reach their full potential, student athletes need a level of expertise found only at Nationwide Children’s Hospital. Our Sports Medicine Program offers something adult care providers can’t – a complete understanding of the young athlete.

Our comprehensive team of specialists works closely with coaches, athletic trainers, primary care physicians and parents to deliver age-appropriate care designed to get athletes back in the game as quickly and safely as possible.

Nationwide Children's Sports Medicine provides care at several Columbus and central Ohio locations:

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Sports Medicine News & Updates

Concussions in Young Athletes: Are There Long Term Effects?

Recently, the movie Concussion was released, focusing on the efforts of a doctor named Bennett Omalu to link a degenerative brain disease known as C... [read more]

Early Sports Specialization: Does Benefit Outweigh Risk?

Early sports specialization is when a young athlete chooses a single sport to practice and play exclusively. This usually occurs prior to elementary or ... [read more]

Keeping Your Gymnast Healthy

As a sports medicine physician and former gymnast, I think gymnastics is a beautiful and entertaining sport that also offers many benefits to young ath... [read more]

Spleen Injuries in Sports – What Parents Need to Know

The lacerated spleen, and subsequent death, suffered recently by a New Jersey high school football player has brought a lot of attention to spleen in... [read more]

Shin Splints

Shin splints are a common exercise problem and sports injury, but what exactly does it mean?  The medical term for shin splints is medial... [read more]

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Nationwide Children’s Sports Medicine experts work to treat athletic injuries and provide services to help prevent them in the first place.

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Sports Authority

Read about the only team in the country collecting sports injury surveillance data in a national sample of high school athletes.

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Nationwide Children’s Sports Medicine not only works to treat athletic injuries, but provides services to help prevent them altogether.

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